Gutwrench E​.​P.

by Golgothan

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released October 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Golgothan Lafayette, Louisiana

Theatrical Death Metal from Lafayette, Louisiana.

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Track Name: The Black Shepherd
My rage will shatter this orb in a rippling culmination. Like a virus coursing through the body, my path will blacken the animate. I am not man. I am not beast. I am what you choose to see. The monster in your closet. The man under your bed. Beneath the sheets, it is I that you dread. I am the dark creature crawling around your room at night. Fear is your weakness and my comestibles. I smell it. I taste it. I want it to be mine. There is no confusion, on your face I will dine. Enshrouded in terror your body will lock. There you will die of apprehensive shock. I'll tear off your limbs and gobble down your soul, licking thy lips as I prolong this death toll. When you see me you'll make a fece. The worst of horrors manifested in one being. You're all but ash, fading in the gale. Your creation is dwindling in the fires of hell. Sever your tongues and never speak my name. I am The Black Shepherd looming from the flames. Born instinctive to dig your own graves. I am the sovereign, keeper of the slaves.
Track Name: Sledgehammer
In the gape of these woods lies a trench of the dead. A cave of sacrifice for the Prince of Darkness. A skinless creature rousing on a pile of excrement. Ill-lit, but willing, blindly slipping on feculent fluids that leak through every perceivable crack. Corpses grovel in stagnant pools of fetid filth bestrewn about the room. Maggots germinate in the boreholes of skulls. The brains that once slurped out and swallowed whole. To Lucifer, he sold his soul. Why must I kill? It does what it's told. The mountains of bodies must hoard for the ritual. He tears at the stomach, removing the entrails. They all piss themselves in the wake of knowing their heart will fail. What an endless sea of suffering their lives have become. Their days are numbered in the eve of their reckoning. The ooze is too soupy. The blood will not clot. Vultures in orbit awaiting the rot. The darkness enclosing at the verge of the end. A formidable time to repent of your sin. Smashing and ramming his head into the stone. His sacculi burst. The fluid, He thirsts. So heinous. So barbaric. Congested with hate. Sledgehammer, on all fours, licking away at the vertebrae. Goat heads planted on stakes, surrounding the mouth of madness, to which you'll dare not pass. Sledgehammer, the gatekeeper of hell, the one who will bring forth judgement. He lives, only to satisfy the order of the dark throne.
Track Name: Feeding My Children
Wandering the streets at night, seeking meat to
ease and insatiable appetite.
A human, they need.
on flesh they will feed.
These ghouls, these heathens will never stop eating.
Alas! A lady of the night, no orifice still tight.
Raped by her father and fed to the streets.
Tortured by my hand and filleted for this feast.
I spit on my dick, that I guide down towards her clit.
If I am to slaughter then why not rape?
Sin is still sin, I'm going to hell either way.
Dragging her back to my basement, her eyes now fix on my agenda: Bodies hanging. Intestines dangling.
Corpses dismembered and juxtaposed for rearranging.
I'll be the last smiling face she'll see, as I saw through the bone. She'll waste her last breath screaming to empty corridors.
My children are anxious, drooling with anticipation.
My tools are sharpened, prepared for lacerations.
Wasting little time, insert through the chest and snap the spine. Disemboweled as an appetizer. Releasing the stench of shit. Force-fed into the jaws of the beast.
Consumed for this ritualistic feast.
Torn sinew and regurgitated bone.
Skull-fucked in this catacomb.
Sadistic torture starts to take its toll.
Bodily fluids pour from every hole.
Feces, blood, and pus will rain from the sky.
The clouds are filling up with brains.
This room has become a cluster-fuck of human waste.
An endless blood storm of meaty remains.
Humanity deems the crimes I commit punishable by death.
And after death I'm hell bound into the fiery pits.
The children must be fed.
Forever stained in red.
Balls deep in this slut's severed head.
Viscid spewing of semen coating her blood pasted hair. Exhaustive desecration, with no family to fucking care. Desecrated companionless.
Track Name: Skeletonwork
This hatred I feel for the man I will kill keeps clawing its way out of me. For years I've dwelled on the blood to be spilled,
this angst will finally be set free.
For tonight I will ride beneath blackened skies, through forests
so dark and cold.
Where goblins cry out, the piled dead form mounts;
eerie tales never to be told.
And so it goes, with a lantern in hand i ride off into the night. guided by the twisted creek that flows in blood,
reflecting fire in the moonlight.
black chariot, black steeds, black heart that beats
only to rape his life.
to snap his neck, his head to collect, ending these years of strife.
No mortal, no being will stop I from breathing until
I have laid him to rest.
"No pleading! no running! you can't stop what's coming!"
echoes throughout my chest.
Arriving at the ceremonial land, the place this poor fool will
cease to exist.
I'll burn this whole town to bring him to his knees.
The planning and the dreaming have come down to this.
Beg pig! Beg for your life! his pride so defiled as I slip in the knife. From stomach to dick, the ghastliest of slits,
his entrails blurt out at the seams.
The blood surging, a smile emerging on my face as he lets out a scream. Removing my bone-saw, the neck proves difficult, but I must have his head placed at my feet, removed of the flesh, ensuring he's dead.
i will go out just as i came into the night relieved of my pain. Reborn in blood on the most ominous of nights,
bethinking oneself of his misery.
Track Name: Sermon of the Crystal-Gazer
"The reign of the mortals will soon be vanished. Once all of the pieces are in place, Earth will belong to us. The ground will fault and splinter…and from the bowels…Skoll will ascend. Their blind eyes will never foresee such tribulation…and it's only going to get worse. Yes. Much worse."
Track Name: The Lycan Prophecy
I, the overlord,
Branded by the moon,
Son of Fenhrir,
throned kahn of wolves,
will plant my seed deep within spawning virgin flesh.
With a grip so unyielding, for eternity you'll be my bitch; my slave.
The only way out is the grave.
One look through my blood-lusting eyes and,
with I, your soul forever lies.
Deep within the Prophecy.
I am the lycan of which there will be no release from.
Locked in a crypt drenched with human decay.
Corpses turned to slime, withered to bone, smashed to dust.
There's no way to claw your way out.
Forever enslaved to birth the beast.
The Lycan Prophecy shall be fulfilled. An army of wolves beckoned by shrill. You're stuck in the muck within the land plagued by the Prophecy. Becoming the wolf, their hands branch out towards the skies.
Eyes now illuminated, unleashing the pain and suffering.
Just as quickly as my children are born, so comes the shit-storm, indubitably claiming the fate of humanity.
Spreading her legs. Thrusting my head.
Blood spewing out of her slit erupting the silk from within.
Ripping apart her vaginal skin.
Bloodthirsty and tearing our way through the woods. Townspeople be praying. Praying!
As we make haste towards this city not even
the "Lord up above" can stop us from feasting.
Mangling the first victim I see.
Thrashing my claws.
Gnashing my teeth.
Feeding on flesh, a child of three.
Slashing, Bludgeoning, peeling the flesh from bone.
Bathing myself in blood that flows like water through the roads. Total eradication. We will leave nothing left.
We will pillage and rape this whole town until we bring them the pain to which they lay claim.
This filthy fucking shit you call a race is ours for the taking.
We lords of the underworld, we hounds of darkness now rule the earth. The beginning of the end has come to claim the fate of humanity.
We will stop at nothing to carry out the Prophecy.
We will kill. We will destroy. We will rape everything in our path. The skies turn black, the moon forever luminescent.
The sway she holds keeping wolves transmogrified.
They'll case in dismay "To whom do we owe this suffering?"
Your existence will be reduced to slavery.